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This cedar privacy fence remains one of our most popular options. A happy "customer" can be seen here peeking over this 5 foot height.

Dog-Ear Picket


This fence is an excellent option when you want your fence to be as open as possible. There are numerous styles of this fence available, and they are very low maintenance. 

Fitted Post and Rail


The Shadow Box Fence is very similar to privacy fences except that there is no "back" of the fence. Both sides look about the same, hence the name "Good Neighbor" fence.

Shadow Box

Split cedar fences give your yard a rustic look, and wire can be added (as shown here) to keep in pets. 

Wood and Wire


This design has more of an open feel while still keeping Fido from getting loose!  These fences can be stained or painted.

Spaced Picket


Metal fences have a high-end curb appeal and there is no maintenance required.


Privacy fences can be built in a variety of styles.  The one shown here has 6x6 posts and is finished off with copper post caps.

Top Rail Privacy


Vinyl fences are maintenance free.  They come in a wide variety of colors, styles and heights. The fence pictured here is 8 feet tall by 800 feet long.



A classic style, chain link fences come in many styles perfect for both commercial and residential applications!

Chain Link

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